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Getting to Know You

Have you ever felt disconnected to yourself upset with something but not truly understanding why? There are many things that can interfere with our inner peace through the day. Maybe things aren’t going the way you expected them to maybe the environment isn’t giving you the nurture you need or maybe your just walking through the motions of the day repeating things habitually feeling like there is an empty void somewhere. It is so important to check in with yourself daily ask yourself those hard questions like if everyday I lived this way would I be satisfied with my life and what I gave to the world. If I could redo it would I change something, would I regret the opportunities I didn’t find, the friends I didn’t make, the life I didn’t take? We all have a true spirit and self yet sometime we create this distance between who we are and what we do. This disconnection creates a large amount of negative emotions to what is happening in our lives, we feel less like ourselves and what we truly want. There is so much beauty in each of us and to not let that show, to not give it a chance to breath we limit ourselves and those around us to a world that if full of life. Embrace who you are get in touch with what makes you light up with joy to be around and talk about. Get to know yourself everyday and remember what you spread will come full circle back to you. Quit the job that gives you dissonance, for money can always be made but your span in this life will never be made back. From studies around the world we know that nothing material has a real effect on our happiness it is only found within. Live and let live.

Love Rachael