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An Honest Story

About 4 years ago I was around 200 pounds and having a hard time moving around. I remembered thinking and imagining how easy things would be if I just lost the weight. I tried every diet I could find and started running around the neighborhood nightly. Fantasizing about different sizing. When a gym opened down the street I knew it was time to take the next step. Even though I made very little money I accepted that to get where I needed to get no cost was going to stop me and decided to invest in myself. I was clueless about how to use the gym or any of the weights and mainly used the cardio machines upstairs. It was almost intimidating but again I told myself no one or cost was going to stop me.

Through the first year it was a blur of frustrating endless hours on the elliptical, weird knee pain and a struggle of what to eat. I went everyday, I made it my home, I dedicated myself to just show up no cost or time was going to stop me. I watched others and what they did, and when I had the courage even tried a couple things.

After a year I had lost a minimal amount of weight but started to make friends. I met a girl named Sabrina I had known from school. She started to open my eyes into lifting weights and trying things that I had originally been fearful of even going near. The gym was a scary place at first!

We started lifting weights and believe it or not the more I went towards things I feared the more beauty in the space I had been in showed. I started to feel strong and confident about what I was doing. Sabrina worked at the gym and I was able to talk to and build a community there with the trainers, the workers and the goers. Things started to fall into place as my pants and cloths started falling off. Finally the results I had originally came for started happening! I did research and made learning about how to move better and eat better my full time job, my life. I knew that feeling of being lost and wanted to help those that were in the same the boat I was before. I knew not everyone gets a Sabrina or stops going before they find her. I knew that if I could just reach out to those people they would not have to go through that fearful and frustrating gym experience.

Through this whole life changing experience I gained the greatest appreciation of movement and nourishment. The weight that I had wanted off stopped being my focus and I soon realized that no number on the scale could tell me how I would feel about myself it was the confidence and determination that grew inside me that was showing outwardly not the physical changes! I went from sitting on my hands to standing on them literally.

Don't let anything stop you from getting where you want to be no cost no time no person no fear! The only limitations you have are in your mind. Set yourself free.

Love Rachael