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Know What Your Paying for

When you go to a gym you aren't paying for the people that work there the space or even the equipment. Your paying for a way to move differently than you usually do through the day. People express that from going to the gym or being at one they feel better and their mind is cleared. The truth is that it's not the gym its the intent to listen to your body and the motions it makes. This communication you begin to form with your mind and body is where the real medicine is. The problem is that once we leave sometimes we forget to keep that communication open. We get tired and forget that when the mind and body are in sync we are at more ease. Could you imagine feeling that all day long, listening to your body and doing the same movements the gym tries to imitate through other daily activities. It is possible and can be achieved. Why do you think that at the gym form is so important and people are referred to work out when their bodies are in pain. Its because at a gym our main purpose is to focus on movement patterns and how to do them efficiently. When we aren't aware of them or our bodies we begin to ache or become injured; frozen shoulders, tired lower backs, knee pain its all part of it. A piece of your attention should always be left to listening to your body and watching it move. As you master this you will become more in tune with your surroundings, improve your attention span and will start to see the patterns of your movement.

Start with a couple minutes every chance you have to listen to your breathing , become a watcher of your own body and listen to it.

Love Rachael