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Playing with Rings(Intro workout)

The gymnastic rings are one of my favorite toys to play with. They develop aerial awareness and upper body strength. There can be a lot of strategy when trying new movements on them but if it works and is pain free then its a good movement! Don't be afraid to make it your own thing and create new ways to use them. If its not exciting or interesting it will become a chore so just have fun. Its always good to change up your routine and try new things so if you are looking for a challenge I would recommend getting a set and playing around.

Intro workout:

3 sets of 15 Rows

(Pull body towards rings keeping the body flat and retracting the shoulders then slowly lower body and extend arms fully)

3 Sets of 15 Pull Overs

(start horizontal pull up and reach arm over)

3 sets of 15 Low Rows

(Start horizontal knees bent pull directly up towards where the rings are anchored)

30 Second hold

(Keep shoulders rolled down "imagine pushing your shoulders down making room for your neck)

Love Rachael