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It felt like I gained it all overnight! Things just got out of control when I started working 3 jobs and going to school full time. I didn't even have a second to check in the mirror (nor did I want to)and realize where I was headed. I don't know what inspired me to get on the scale that day but, didn't expect it to say 205. I always was around the heavier side but this was by far the heaviest I had ever been. 

I had wanted to be fit... well to be honest it was more around looking good again since I was back in the dating scene at the time and, didn't want an average life .-sigh-. Honestly I wish the story ended there and boom I dropped the weight but we all know how this goes, I changed a little bit here and there for about 2 weeks lost a couple pounds then went right back to old habits.

The real issue wasn't that I didn't know how to eat healthy, or even that I had no idea how to "workout"  but really was that I didn't have true intention. I just wanted to loose weight which aha I did but that was it I just lost 10lbs, I wasn't specific at all. 


The secret is our minds are really good at creating directions to what we think about, good or bad we will find a way to get there. For a long time I struggled with vision, heck even today I still do, trust me I'm not trying to come off as some superficial guru that has mastered The (actual) Secret but I do now understand how important and easy clear vision makes life, thats why the workshop I sent to your email goes through these steps.



What was the pinnacle moment?

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After working with men and women for years now I've come to realize the people who needed this program most and did the best were often going through a divorce, new job, or some life altering transition in life. Now this also meant that they were balancing all the crazy components life has already while trying to make the best out of their current situation and deeply needed to know they could see it through at the other side successfully. My part in that story was helping with the realization that all things they desire are already theirs; it's not a matter of acquiring more its a matter of breaking down walls that were built to keep us away from our own treasures. It wasn't uncommon for my clients to not only see weight loss, but dramatic increase in mood, grow healthy new friendships, start dating, create businesses, or get new jobs after coaching with me. 

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"I'm doing so much better in life. Everyday I wake up and I tell myself to win the day. No more depression and sadness. You got me through. Thank you so much."

Nam P.

"The Fact that you asked, send such a beautiful message, and followed up means the world. Your my Rock, and you show it every moment."

-Amitesh S.

"I'm already down 5lbs and its only the first week!"

                                     Martin A.

"Hi, Rachael, I finally stopped putting it off and started working out and eating/drinking half as much, and I am fit and have lost 16lbs in 3 months. 10 more to go.



"Thanks so much Rachael!! You don't know how bad I needed this. You're the best coach ever!"

                                     Andrew M.

"You are a life changer. I can tell you're more than life coach… you're an psychological mind shifter.. Someone who can teach others to get in touch with their ‘id”... an everything coach!"

                                     Dylan D.

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